The Vocal Coach

As a coach I take on clients from completely beginners to professional singers. I see to the individual needs of the client as well as what I hear the voice needs in order to improve and evolve. My teaching is based on the technique that I intensively studied during my years in Los Angeles, as well as the basic speech pathology voice training. I am also a Certified Zangger Vocal Coach & Instructor.

My voice Philosophy

The Voice is a part of us. It’s within us and therefore very unique. Since speaking comes natural to most of us, it is easy to view speaking and singing as something simple. Something you don’t have to work at because you use your voice every day. There are some lines of work that are vocally very demanding, and in order to maintain a healthy voice you need to exercise it, but also gain more knowledge about the voice and how it works.

Singing is an extension of speaking. Another way to express yourself. It is an art. Singing should come from the heart. But to easily and more freely be able to express what you feel in your heart, certain tools and ideas are necessary, and good technique is the building block. Like an athlete. It demands dedication and lots of practice for an athlete to reach their goals and be the best at what they do. As a singer I see no difference. The Vocal Cords are muscles, and just like any other muscle in your body, it too needs activation and exercise to become stronger and to develop.

There are many elements of singing and technique is one of them. Technique is used for several reasons; most importantly, to maintain a healthy, long lasting voice so that you can freely express your emotions and feelings through your voice.

I believe it is very significant to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy voice. My goal is to teach my clients how to do so. I teach in both Swedish and English.

For more information, or for any questions about Vocal Health and/or Coaching, feel free to contact me. See also the terms and services bellow.

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