To inspire and move people through singing is truly a privilege. There’s nothing more glorious. That’s what music is all about!!

I was raised in Stockholm in a sparkling Swedish-Italian family with many creative roots. A world filled with music, singing and dance opened up for me early on. Dance was the first thing that captured my heart. I was drawn to the music, rhythm and the pulse. Later on I discovered a great joy and power to express myself through my voice. With a burning interest and a dedicated music teacher, I began my artistic journey to make music, teaching and singing my profession.

Eager to learn, I attended Rytmus, Stockholm's Music Conservatory. After graduation, I took some time and travelled abroad to continue my studies. I attended what is now called, Los Angeles College of Music. A school dedicated to the Creative and Musical Arts.  Some of my Instructors, Dorian Holley, Lauren Flahive, Dee Booker, Dave Pozzi and Mike Shapiro became my Mentors and inspired me during my time in LA. The great Jazz singer Kevyn Lettau was the Vocal Department Chair. She took me under her wing and mentored me in Vocal Technique and Teaching. I learned more about the voice then I ever had before. This was where my passion for teaching really blossomed.

Today I work as a Vocal Coach and a Freelance Singer all around Sweden. I have a solo project with a début album called, “I’ve Come 2 Play”, out on iTunes among other sites. Aside from singing, I am a Certified Speech Pathologist, currently working with children with language disorders. You may download my bio here.

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