About Me

To inspire and move people through singing is truly a privilege. There’s nothing more glorious. That’s what music is all about!!

Brought up in Stockholm, in a sparkling Swedish-Italian family with many creative roots, a world filled of music, singing and dance opened up early on. Dance was the first thing that captured my heart. I was drawn to the music, rhythm and the pulse. Later on I discovered the great joy and power it brings to express feelings through my own voice. A burning interest and a dedicated music teacher was the start of my path in life with music, teaching and singing as a profession.

Eager to Learn, I attended Rytmus, Stockholm's music conservatory and a few years after graduation I went abroad to continue my studies at Los Angeles Music Academy, a school filled with such knowledge and passion for music. The great Jazz singer Kevyn Lettau, was at that time, the Vocal Department Chair, and she took me on and became my mentor. In wich I learned more about the voice then I ever had before. That is were my passion for teaching blossomed.

Today I work as a Vocal coach and as a freelance singer all around Sweden. My work includes demo singing and voice overs, or singing at weddings, baptisms, funerals, or as a front singer in different kinds of party acts or in other events where music is appreciated. I am the co-founder of the band Bara Vi and one of the voices in the backup singing-duo Karner Perrelli Vocals. U can also hire me to do workshops in teambuilding through choir singing for your company’s kickoffs etc.

Aside from singing, I’m curently studying Speech Pathology at Karolinska Instituetet in Stockholm. And not to mention my solo project with my début album out on iTunes among other sites.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact me.

The Vocal Coach

My teaching is based on the technique “Freedom of Natural Voice Production” that I intensively studied during my years in Los Angeles. I teach in both Swedish and English.

With a revolutionary and outstanding technique that gives you long-lasting support and minimal amount of strain. Together we will develop your unique voice, accentuate your musical character and arrange a strategy to reach your goals.

My voice Philosophy

The Voice is part of us, it’s with in us and there fore very unique. Since speaking comes natural to us it is easy to view singing as something simple. Something you don’t have to work at, because you use your voice every day.  Singing is an extension of your voice. Another way to expresses yourself. It is art. Singing shall come from the heart. But to easily and more freely be able to express what you feel in your heart, certain tools and ideas are necessary. Technique is the building block.  I see myself as an athlete, it demands dedication and lots of practice for an athlete to reach their goals and be best at what they do. As a singer I see no difference. The Vocal Cords are muscles, and just like any other muscle in your body, it to needs activation and exercise to become stronger and to develop.

If you want to develop your voice, become better and constantly renew yourself, it demands will, understanding of your instrument but most of all passion!

For more information, ore for any questions about vocal coaching don’t hesitate to contact me.



  • Rytmus music school, 3 years
  • Los Angeles Music Academy, 3 years
  • Self-employed/business owner, Vocal Coach
  • Speech Pathology at Karolinska Institute, (ongoing)

Backup singer

  • Jon Henrik Fjällgren Feat. Aninia (melodifestivalen 2017)
  • Andreas Aleman
  • Aninia
  • Gladys Del pilar
  • Carola (As a dancer and backup singer during the summer Tour 2006)
  • Melissa Williams
  • Dorian Holley (American Idols Vocal Coach)
  • Derek Conyer
  • Martha Walsh (från The wether girls)
  • Shelyla Bonnick (Boney M)
  • Latin artist Noelia
  • Eric Gadd
  • Louise Hoffsten
  • Orup
  • Jill Johnsson
  • Salem Al Fakir
  • Andreas Johansson
  • Linda Bengtzing
  • Magnus Carlsson
  • Veronica Maggio
  • With B & B Gospel, under the Charity conasert Love Still Runs Free in Bucharest, Romania with artists such as: Alexandra Ungureanu su Crunsh, Maihai Onila, Paula Seling.

Vocal Coach

  • Vocal Coach at Teresea Perrelli KB (2006 - ongoing)
  • Vocal Coach in My Camp Rock 2009 and 2010 at Disney Channel
  • Vocal Coach at Camp Lingman 2010
  • Vocal Coach at The Music School (Rytmus)


  • I've come 2 Play (debut album)
  • Home For Christmas - Andreas Aleman
  • Little High Little Low - Dotty Blue
  • Slingriga Vägar - Dag Palm


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